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ROI Benefits
Phases and Format Timeline guide
in this section
the necessary information and knowledge
to get a rather complete and exhaustive portrait
of the FotoMenu Project
ROI Benefits

See, Know, . .
have the opportunity to see and get to know
the owner(s), the staff
it's not a trivial aspect, on the contrary

this emotional factor also contributes
to making the difference

A picture
is worth a thousand words
pictures build expectations, the picture not only sells the dish but also
the idea of flavour of aromas and conveys their consistency
see and know what the dish will look like
is attractive, tantalizing, inviting, ..

it is statistically proven that the image
is an "eye-catcher" element
this also means that the images of the dishes seen
they will remain in memory for a long time
keeping the memory in the "background"

the Expectation
when we enter a restaurant
we would like to find an available table
we wish we could eat without waiting to much

when becomes too much, one begins to go further
emotional stress begins to arise, impatience, antipathy, ..

The Ordination Time
most of the time we are undecided about what to order,
this obviously lengthens the ordering time a lot

the fact of not seeing the dish that we will then eat,
increases the chances of being disappointed

☺ in this case, the FotoMenu generates a useful and effective contribution
as ordering will be much more practical and faster

and certainly more comfortable and pleasant
(is also used say half job is done)

The Reservation of the table
and the dishes
the FotoMenu being always online,
everyone have the opportunity via PC/Tablet/Smartphone
to see and consult the Graphic Photo Menu to choose
and decide in advance what they will want to eat

communicating via WhatsApp, Email or Phone
the number corresponding to the dish/s, the estimated time of arrival,
the number of people, . .

for them and for you, it's not a small thing

The Preferential
and Management increase
Undoubtedly, the FotoMenu offers a series of benefits in various aspects

♦ photos of dishes have a seductive power,
effectively increasing the chances of ordering more dishes
♦ the chances of sharing the photos of the dishes they have eaten
on Social Media are greatly increased
also sharing their experience at the restaurant, boosting your Branding
♦ preferential increase for your place compared to others
♦ more efficient management of your business overall

Project Timeline
the Phases
the 3 Formats
some FAQ
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